FIL, the Misogynist Pt.1

Watching interactions between FIL and MIL are some of the most excruciating parts of my day. The phrase that comes to mind is “spoiled little twat”. 

Mr. FIL has an opinion on everything – cooking, household chores, the weather, people, and the place of women is society is probably his favorite. Has he ever washed clothes? NO! Has he ever cooked, made tea? NO, Does he know how to vacuum? NO! Why?

Because according to him, women love doing these things and it makes them happy. And they need to do household tasks for a few hours each day to feel satisfied. 

Today he did something that just drove me up the wall. MIL warmed up a bunch of food, set out plates, and before she could sit (man needs 99 things, and unwilling to get them), he was halfway through his meal. He eats faster than a starving goat, so after a few minutes, he was done and left the table. Watching this from a distance, I thought surely he’ll wash his hands and return! But no, the man took himself to watch some crap movie instead of sitting with his wife who was still eating. 

I haven’t asked why, but I’m sure his take on this is “women like to eat alone”. 

Indian father inlaws are their own special kind of hell. 










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